For  me  ,the  experience  of  living  in  Tehran  began  eight  years  ago  when  I  moved  to  a university  dormitory  there.  A  metropolis  with  population  of  fifteen  million  is  becoming  larger,  more crowded,  and  more  heterogeneous  each  day,  and  life  in  this  city  has  become  a  challenging  issue  for many:  a  challenge  for  staying  and  keeping  up.  The  lifestyle  in  this  city  has  changed  in  accordance with  the  time;  women  have  abandoned  their  traditional  status  as  housewives  and,  just  like  men, many  of  them  leave  their  homes  at  dawn  to  get  to  their  workplaces  and  do  not  return  until  nightfall so  as  to  keep  up  with  the  unbalanced  cycle  of  life.  I  believe  that  the  ever-changing  and  uncertain  life conditions  lead  to  psychological  pressure  in  society.  This  kind  of  pressure  has  become  a  major  part of my life  too, and I feel  that  this  issue  is  reflected in the  faces  of people  of this  city.


These photos has been produced from accidental encounter of people with photographer. In most of them passangers are aware of camera, so these photos are no longer belong in the category of candid photography.

For me seeing passangers and the reaction of them seeing me is a matter of subject.


*Using flash light among street photographers such as Bruce Gilden , Paul Reas and Philip diCorcia is precedented.